A waterfall - Fairytale illuminated with solar lights

Elgafossen Wasserfall / Norwegen
Elgafossen Wasserfall / Norwegen
Elgafossen Wasserfall / Norwegen

Solar lights made in Austria
for a prestigious project


Before the Elja joins the river Enningsdalelva it cascades down in a 46meter waterfall – ELGÅFOSSEN. The border of Norway and Sweden is in the middle of the waterfall. Due to the fairy tale story about a great love and marriage directly above the waterfall, this waterfall has become a tourist attraction in Halden.

ELGÅFOSSEN is staged

To set the waterfall in the right light and in order to provide more safety in the dark, the waterfall was set in scene with photinus solar lights. A fairy-tale picture, amazing all the visitors!

With the installation of the solar lights on the rocks, positioned directly at the waterfall, photinus has proven once more that they are specialists for solar lighting. The self-sufficient solar lights are the perfect way to install low-cost lighting without an existing power grid. This special project was carried out in cooperation with the photinus sales partner Naturgarden AS.

(Photos: Naturgarden NS/P.C.Thon)

The fairytale of ELGÅFOSSEN

The name Elja dates from the late 14th century. As a result of the great wars of the 17th century Sweden received in 1658 several Danish provinces, including the former Norwegian Bohuslän. The new frontier meant that old compatriots were sometimes suddenly should be regarded as enemies. During 1940-1945, however, the situation was exactly the opposite. There were stories telling how closely the marginalized people grew together. In the middle of this critical time, a Norwegian girl married her Swedish love on the Elja, directly above the waterfall. At the end of the waterfall, the remnants and the foundation of the farm Saga can be confiscated. At the beginning of April, the waterfall is also a popular place to see the roach spawning. The fishes gathered by the waterfall and the water basin "boiling" by the fishes.

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