Mobile solar luminaires in the flood disaster area

Mobile photinus solar luminaires in the flood disaster area in Germany

Thunderstorms and bad weather have left catastrophic devastation in western Germany.  Entire towns and villages are flooded, houses collapsed in, numerous roads and bridges were destroyed.

As street lighting was permanently damaged in some parts of the flooded area, our partner Avacon set up 12 mobile solar luminaires in the affected regions. This proved to be a great help, because light brings safety.

Photinus has developed its own mobile system, in which the solar light fittings can be set up at any place at any time by means of a mobile foundation without excavation work. In this situation in particular, this system proved to be ideal, as the luminaires were able to start their service immediately. The street light fittings do not require wiring to the power grid, because they absorb their energy from the sun through the solar panels and then store it in the battery.

Currently, the reconstruction is progressing well and the situation is slowly stabilizing. We would like to express a big thank you to all the helpers involved and have great sympathy for all those affected.

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