New impressive
solar light projects

New impressive
solar light projects

The first aron and protos solar lights with new design 2017 have been installed and the results are impressive!

The protos solar light catches the eye with a efficient mono-crystalline photovoltaic module with modern black design.

Elegant, high performance and efficient – these are the impressive characteristics of the new aron solar lights.

  • Design – The vertical 360° facing solar panels guarantee continuous energy input.
  • Solar Module – With an efficiency of 23%, the high quality solar module achieves maximum performance.
  • Battery – The special photinus LiFePo4 battery can be charged and discharged in temperatures ranging from -35°to +85°C.
  • Light – With 200 lm/W, the photinus LED achieves peak performance.
  • Battery Capacity – The special smart function allows for continued light output for up to 18 days of bad weather.
  • Timemanagement – The on and off times can be easily reprogrammed at any time with a remote control.
  • Flexibility – The lamps are simple to install and can be relocated if necessary.
  • Stand Alone Functionality – No cables are necessary and the units are functional in any location.
  • Maintenance – Thanks to the high-end components, maintenance is only necessary after 8 years.
  • Future – Maintenance and service can be performed by GSM Technologies at any location.

(photo credits HL Lichttechnik)

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