photinus wins the prestiguous projekt „Neuschwanstein“

Photinus GmbH & Co KG - Lechwerke AG

photinus wins the prestiguous projekt „Schloss Neuschwanstein“

photinus was able to strengthen its worldwide leading position in solar lighting of streets, parking areas and parks as well as cycle –and walkways through outstanding innovation, combined with extraordinary design and highest light quality. This is impressively underlined by the won project of the 1.5 km drive way to the castle “Neuschwanstein” and reassures the path taken by the company. The project is realized by the Photinus partner Olaf Hoyer GmbH, Buchenberg.

Outstanding reference

Some 1.4 million visitors from all over the world attend Neuschwanstein every year and thus the latter it is one of the most visited castles in Europe. More than 6.000 visitors walk up the drive way to the castle on a single summer day and will now be able to enjoy the newly installed photinus solar lights.

Made in Vorarlberg

The “merkur” is powered by high performance solar modules from Photinus, while the cubic aluminum buildup is produced by the company Visuform GmbH, Dornbirn. Visuform is an extremely reliable partner of photinus and delivers individual construction designs and outermost professional fabrication for all photinus solar lights.

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