Traunstein leads the way with photinus solar street lights

Photinus GmbH & Co KG - HL Lichttechnik

Traunstein leads the way with photinus solar street lights

The township of Traunstein is again ahead when it comes to energy saving – this time with autarkic, solar street lights from photinus. Hereby, 16 of grid street lights have been installed at the Empfinger Hohlweg and the Schaumaier sports area. The project was jointly realised with the local energy provider “Stadtwerke TS” and is one of the first projects of its kind in the Chiemgau region.

Traunstein acts as role model when it comes to the use of renewable energies. Mayor Christian Kegel calls the new, of grid outdoor lighting system ideal. The reason therefore is that it neither needs an electrical infrastructure nor produces energy costs. Therefore, solar street lights have a short period of amortisation. Further on, the mayor underlines:  “The new luminaires at the sports arena enhance safety of our citizen, children and athletes“. The project is a showcase for Traunstein. After the system has proved its value, it may be installed on many other sites.

photinus partner – HL LichtTechnik

Aron grande technology has specially been designed for snowy areas. The solar tower with its vertical panels catches solar energy from all directions – 360°. Snow or dirt cannot accumulate on vertical panels and hence this solution guarantees optimal energy production in any season.

Johann Lichtl, managing director of HL Lichttechnik and photinus partner, underlined that light is a fundamental human right that enables a comfortable and secure life for everyone. Furthermore, solar light is both, ecological and economical. “Modern, renewable energies” says Lichtl, “ only have a chance for success if they are economical.” He further emphasised the minimal intervention to the environment when using solar light. The latter can be used in a very flexible way and is on a short call, efficient and offers high operations security. Finally, Lichtl states “we are not competing with utilities.“

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