Courage to change

Photinus is not competing with the traditional, on grid streetlight; it offers rather a valuable endorsement and different solution. We take it as our duty to investigate whether installations of lighting points make ecological and economic sense or not. If these points are given and on grid solutions not economically practicable, Photinus’ self-sustaining, solar outdoor lighting products ensure illumination for the respective area.

Economic efficiency

Economic efficiency is crucial for Photinus. Extensive economical calculations demonstrate the advantages of Photinus lighting systems in relation to traditional, on grid street, way or place lighting. Our products cost less in acquisition and have lower operation costs throughout the whole life span. The competition between ecology and economy is eliminated with these intelligent solutions. Our goal is to enable lighting spots that are incomparable flexible, quickly available, ecological, demanding minimum interventions in nature, insect neutral and supplied by “free” solar energy.

Innovation people solution responsibility

We see light as an important contribution to increasing public safety, enriching quality of life and winning time for mankind.

Thus, we develop, produce and sell energy efficient, self-sustaining, solar outdoor lighting systems. Competition between ecology and economy is hereby eliminated by our intelligent solutions.

We consider the delivery of solar lighting systems for streets and ways as well as customer specific micro solar solutions as socio-political mission especially in continents without light. This mission is completed with the creation of regional jobs and regional value added.

Our products

Innovation is the elementary principle of our company. We see optimal solutions as maximum success. We are clearly pioneers and perceived as well as appreciated as technological market leader within the solar lighting industry.


We see leadership as guidance to success and the optimal unfurling of intellectual, professional and social capacities as major challenge in collaboration with our employees. Hence, we develop self-dependent and responsible personalities able to act independently within given competences and in line with corporate culture. These personalities are finally able to develop creative and special products and services for our customer.

Our employees

Our employees “live” their job and value customer and supplier equally as leading-string of their acting and thinking. Thus they enjoy our highest esteem and endorsement.

We work according to the principles of high performance teams and encounter the goal of flawless work with acceptance, open communication and joint remediation of errors.  


Highest quality of products and services are fundamental to Photinus’ business model. Therefore, we set very high quality standards for suppliers.


Our corporate culture results in a sustainable and earnings-oriented but not profit maximising view. We will do everything necessary using right technologies in order to maximise our contribution to a respectful and conscious treatment of the environment. Further on, we make sure, that all supplying companies have humane working conditions and are finally all aware of our responsibilities.  


neutral company

Sustainability is very important to us, which is why we have decided to participate in the "Climate Neutrality Alliance 2025 / turn to zero". We put great importance to contributing to a careful and conscious handling of the environment with the right and latest technologies. Photinus has succeeded in reducing CO2 emissions every year. By the year 2025 we would like to produce completely climate neutral and we are already on a good way.

Photinus increasingly relies on electric mobility and strives to keep business routes as short as possible. Through our decentralized distribution concept and economical use of resources, we are continuously reducing energy consumption.

As a solar light fitting manufacturer in the very west of Austria (Vorarlberg), we want to be a role model and raise awareness of this issue among our partners and customers.

The unavoidable actual carbon footprint was compensated with the support of the project Mangrove Reforestation and Women's Empowerment. Without action, the mangrove forests are expected to disappear completely, further increasing the vulnerability of the population to natural disasters and having a negative impact on the local economy. The goal is to create healthy mangrove forests along a coastal region in Myanmar that absorbs CO2, protect the population from natural disasters and promote biodiversity by maintaining an important habitat for threatened species. The project involves the local population for the restoration of the degraded mangrove ecosystems and at the same time increases their quality of life.

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